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McInnis Cement, Sainte-Catherine Terminal

Client Information

  • Name: McInnis Ciment

Project Information

  • Delivery Method: Lump Sum
  • Sector: Industrial
  • Status: Completed
  • Start Date: July 2016
  • Completion Date: April 2017


This project includes preparatory, engineering and construction work for the reception, storage and distribution of bulk cement at the Maritime Terminal located in Sainte-Catherine, on the south shore of the Montreal area, on the St. Lawrence Seaway. Two concrete silos were previously built on the site; our project includes the related structures and equipment to make the terminal operational:

> Reception: loading station equipment (bulk cement loaded by boat) and underground pneumatic pipelines connecting the loading station to the silos

> Storage: stairs, access gangways and operating equipment for both silos

> Distribution: truck loading stations located under silos

> Related works: civil, architectural, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation/control

This project was entirely modeled in 3D (VDC-BIM). We began by using 3D laser scanning technology to create a cloud of points precisely modeling the inside and outside of the two previously built silos.

This information served as a basis to model the design of the elements outside the silos (structures, gangways) as well as the process mechanics inside. This crucial contribution revealed several problems that manufacturers corrected at the factory, before the delivery of the elements, thus effectively eliminating a number of potential difficulties on site.

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