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Magil Construction has put forward the experience, knowledge, and expertise of its teams to deliver over six hundred million dollars’ worth of successful industrial projects in the last decade alone. With many specialties, including the Automotive, Food and Beverage, Power, Transportation and Aerospace Sectors, and mostly using the Design-Build method, Magil Construction takes pride working in close collaboration with leaders of the industry to ensure the best results.

With a wide range of projects, including complex manufacturing processes, distribution and cold storage facilities, the industrial sector has played an important role in our success with 70% of our business coming from returning clients. We help maximize efficiency and productivity and minimize process shutdowns.




Being a skilled specialist of the auto manufacturing sector, Magil Construction is the go-to design-builder for all automotive projects. From one of the largest auto manufacturing facilities in the province of Ontario to small expansions and plant modifications Magil is called upon again and again in this busy sector. We have travelled abroad to gain a better understanding of unique processes and maintained long-lasting relationships with some of the biggest names in the business. Our Special Projects Division plays an important role in this sector as well, working with clients for their facility improvements.


Trust in our experts to efficiently complete projects in the Food and Beverage industry. The Magil Construction expertise makes a difference. Recognized as a leading builder in the Food and Beverage field, Magil has a broad knowledge of the industry’s facilities; such as cold storage and freezer installations and food manufacturing processes. Our experiences with some of the best-known brands afford us the knowledge for unique specifications, building materials and safety precautions, even in operating environments.


Magil has long-lasting relationships with many power and utility companies. Understanding their unique needs, safety standards and processes has helped us become a building and work space solutions provider in this sector. We also have Master Service Agreements in place to serve these clients better.


Our company and our staff have developed specific expertise related to this sector, with accomplishments such as the Canadian Space Agency’s headquarters, and more recently a series of facilities for aviation training, assembly and delivery. These facilities are often located near major airports for which we are very familiar with the strict requirements.


Offering our strengths and vision for the benefit of the transit world through unique expertise is what we strive for. As cities grow and populations rise, transit is becoming more and more at the heart of many people’s concerns. Magil is always looking for innovative ways to answer a constant need for improved facilities. Whatever the approach, the goal remains the same—to be as efficient as possible, while remaining sensitive to the issues of public safety and the un-interruption of service during the completion of the work.


Our dedicated Special Projects team offers expertise that allows for on-time completion of complex projects while respecting the given budget with a wide range of specialty construction: concrete foundations for equipment, pits, trenches, concrete structural repair, entrance doors and loading docks, steel bollard installations, building additions, tenant improvements, and various in-plant projects as well as ongoing in-plant maintenance.

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