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Our Services


Our Services

Magil Construction is a full service construction firm. We provide solutions that fit each individual client. These solutions range from Construction Management and Preconstruction Services to Stipulated Lump Sum bids. We also work with our clients to come up with solutions that are outside the box and often include open book hybrid contracts with emphasis on collaboration and teamwork, delivering projects on a fast-track basis.

We operate throughout Québec and move with our clients when required to provide services throughout Canada. Whether it is on our own, through our joint venture partners or MC Group we seek to find solutions for any opportunity that fits with our clients and our growth strategies.

Magil Construction provides services in the execution of construction projects across the commercial, institutional and multi-residential sectors.



  • Construction Management

    Construction Management is a staple service provided by Magil Construction Corporation. Nearly 60 percent of our work in the past 25 years has been delivered using Construction Management, often with repeat clients.


    With roots in the construction industry Magil Construction Corporation is no stranger to hard bid projects. Our continuous success in this area acts a confirmation to our Construction Management clients that they are receiving true competitive value.

  • Markets

    Often highly visible in nature, institutional projects for Magil Construction Corporation stand as public representations of our history of delivering high quality results.

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Magil evaluates all of our projects to minimize the environmental impact that we will have during construction.