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About Us



Our word is our bond.

At Magil Construction, we believe in doing business with honesty and transparency. We adhere to the highest ethical standards that govern our relationships between individuals and legal entities. They are in an integral part of our decision-making process & subsequent actions.

We pride ourselves in transmitting accurate, clear and relevant information with our business partners. This has allowed us to build a network comprised of clients and partners who have come to expect and depend on our reliability, dedication and trust.

We believe the success of a design is often measured by its ability to meet client requirements while at the same time minimizing cost. Searching for innovative solutions to meet our customer's needs, combined with calculated risk-taking and the development of growth-generating projects, are essential in maintaining our position.

Our firm promotes in treating our partners - clients, suppliers and employees - with importance by acting with courtesy and honesty. Our people are an essential part of the equation. We recognize that our staff is the biggest contributor to our success and as such, we hold them accountable for the decisions taken with respect to their clients, their consultants, and overall project execution.



  • Markets

    Magil Construction is a mainstay brand in various spheres including industrial, commercial, civil and multi-residential sectors.

  • Quality

    Quality – built from a culture of execution and excellence - is core to our corporate vision and is ingrained in all our policies.

  • BIM

    Magil Construction is continuously investing in technologies to further optimize interdisciplinary collaboration and project execution.

  • LEED

    Magil Construction has been dedicated to building green for a long time. Our teams are proud to have complete the first LEED GOLD facility in South Western Ontario, the Sisters of St. Joseph Residence in London.