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About Us




Our parent company, Fayolle Canada, recently announced a strategic corporate reshuffling of its construction companies Alta, OCI & McKay-Cocker – divisions formerly members of the MC Group. The organizational change was completed to firmly unify all our companies across the country under one name: Magil Construction.

Over the past few years, our leadership teams – led by Owen Whelan, Jim Laurence and myself – have actively pursued and enacted strategies to further improve our positioning in the geographical markets in which we operate. Our coast to coast presence, our breadth of services, and our depth of expertise, will only further solidify our standing as a mainstay contractor throughout the country and abroad.

Our past success is predicated on our unique “hands on approach” and unparalleled teamwork. We, at Magil Construction, don’t just design factories or build high-rise complexes. We are team builders and we believe that our teams are the biggest contributors to our success. Whether you are a client, supplier or employee, we are committed to fostering an environment that condones collaboration, transparency, honesty and respect in all our interactions. That is our word and our word is our bond.


John Marcovecchio
Chief Executive Officer



  • Markets

    Magil Construction is a mainstay brand in various spheres including industrial, commercial, civil and multi-residential sectors.

  • Quality

    Quality – built from a culture of execution and excellence - is core to our corporate vision and is ingrained in all our policies.

  • BIM

    Magil Construction is continuously investing in technologies to further optimize interdisciplinary collaboration and project execution.

  • LEED

    Magil Construction has been dedicated to building green for a long time. Our teams are proud to have complete the first LEED GOLD facility in South Western Ontario, the Sisters of St. Joseph Residence in London.