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Value Management


Value Management

At Magil Construction we firmly believe that every project should be subjected to value management. Primarily this is meant to offer the client competitive, organized and creative alternatives that satisfy their needs, by introducing a functional, economic and multidisciplinary approach to design development.

The success of a design is often measured by its ability to meet client requirements while at the same time minimizing cost. But taking this one step further, once a satisfactory design has been developed, we investigate whether other alternative designs (of equal or lesser value) exist that will offer superior performance. This is the intent of our multidisciplinary review and it involves the efforts of the entire team.

In summary, our method involves a review that is functional, economic and multidisciplinary. It is an approach that is equally focused on both the processes and the end result, through analysis of alternate concepts and their direct effect on both cost and function, in order to develop other potential solutions.

Value Management evolves during the development and evaluation of various alternative solutions leading to the establishment of comparative estimates. The process ends with the selection and integration of the most attractive option.


Magil evaluates all of our projects to minimize the environmental impact that we will have during construction.