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Our People

Being built on a culture of execution and excellence that is driven from the bottom up, Magil Construction has gathered a proactive and dynamic team comprised of experienced professionals, mainly engineers and architects, each with exceptionally diverse and relevant experience, and maintained our culture through mentorship, sharing important experience and values. Each employee’s individual skills act to further complement those of his coworkers and when combined, create an unmatched understanding of the industry. Everyone in our group is given the proper level of accountability, support and respect. We are always raising our collective knowledge and producing new and innovative methods through continuous improvement.

Our business is our world. Our people are the biggest contributor to our success. Our organizational culture has a family tone and accordingly our values are based on respect and ethical conduct.

Our corporate office provides friendly workspaces, encourages exchanges and fosters a synergy in which each employee derives pride in their work. Furthermore, our flexible hierarchy facilitates direct communication with superiors and integrates leaders in the core of all projects. Each team member has the skills and support systems to do their utmost to perform their work to the highest standards.

Advancement requires humility. We recognize that there is always room for improvement and that success is not a destination or a place but rather a journey.