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Coast to coast, Magil Construction builds solid foundation for the future.

Posted By Magil Construction on October 16, 2017

Fayolle Canada is pleased to announce that effective today, MC Group and its members - Alta, OCI & McKay-Cocker - are effectively rebranded under the Magil Construction banner.

Fayolle Canada purchased Magil Construction in 2009, McKay-Cocker Construction in 2010 and Alta Construction in 2013. All previous references to MC Group will now become part of our past, while the name Magil Construction will firmly unify all our companies across the country under one name.

Over the past few years, our leadership teams – spearheaded by Alain Gauvin, Owen Whelan, Jim Laurence and overseen by John Marcovecchio - have actively pursued and enacted strategies to further improve our positioning in the geographical markets in which we operate.  Today, we strengthen brand recognition by all stakeholders for the expertise and depth of the divisions we perform under - Buildings, Civil, Industrial and Interiors. Our immediate goals aim at showcasing our significant strengths, our coast to coast presence, our breadth of services, and our depth of expertise through one consolidated brand. We will continue to deliver on our word and empower our teams who have helped us fortify our position as a cornerstone in our industry.

Our branding will be visually different and modern, but the people responsible for our past successes remain true to our commitments and further dedicated to our future success. Today, we are united under one name: Magil Construction. 

Please note that all our websites will be consolidated under one – - and our emails will have the Magil designation attached to it. 

We trust that our customers, consultants, suppliers and all stakeholders will find the transition we have planned and organized to be seamless and fluent. 

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